Is the area safe?

I would not live here if it wasn’t, and we would not risk anyone else’s safety by renting lodging in an unsafe location.

Do you accept pets?


Is parking available?

Yes, there is limited parking.

Are there restaurants within walking distance?

Yes, there are many options.

Is there public transportation?

Public transportation is available. Combis and buses are not regularly scheduled, so sometimes there is a wait involved, but the combi will take riders to the bus stop at the top of the Troncones road. Taxis are plentiful in Troncones, to get around the immediate area, as well as for transport to the airport.

Do you have free WiFi?


What time is check in/out?

Check in after 3:00, check out is at 12:00 (noon). Arrangements may be made for earlier or later times. Please check.

What are the front desk hours?


Are there any additional fees with the rates?


What is the cancellation policy?

We understand that plans change for a variety of reasons and we maintain a liberal attitude towards cancellations. Our stated policy is: with a two month notice complete refund, 30-60 day notice is 50% refund under 30 day is 25% refund.